Wednesday Watch #1

Welcome to the new segment of Micro Party watch. Every Wednesday I will be looking at Micro Parties and providing news about them from the Wednesday of last week and giving them a mark based on how ‘alive’ their party looks. I’ll mostly be basing my impressions on how their party website looks so if you’re a leader of a micro party and reading this. Update your website/blog.

The Alliance: The Alliance Party is looking alive, if out of the mainstream media spotlight. The latest entry on their official party website was a statement supporting the Creative Freedom Foundation’s Internet Blackout campaign. C+


Bill and Ben Party: Based on their facebook page, I’d say that the Bill and Party is dead as evidenced by the lack of any new updates since the election. However there seems to be a daily stream of different people commenting on how much ‘you rock’ so I’m going to have to give them a pass on the basis of an active grassroots. C-


New Zealand Democratic Party: To be honest, I didn’t even know these guys were still alive. Last news item posted last month. I wouldn’t say they’re defunct, but they sure aren’t going to get over the 0.01% they got the last election. D-


Direct Democracy Party: Probably dead. Did not submit a party list or contest the 2008 New Zealand General Election. Couldn’t find a website at all. Their ‘official’ party website is defunct, couldn’t find an online presence at all. Effectively dead. F-


The Family Party: Last update done after the election. No update since, however they are probably sustained by a non-Internet base that comes together only for elections and I’m going to have to give them a D on that basis.


Aotearoa Legalize Cannabis Party: The last update of their website was last week. So the base of the ALCP is alive. Also there were apparently 24 guests on their website when I logged on. C


LibertiaNZ: The last update of their official website was quite a while ago. However their blog “Not PC” is updated on a regular basis. However, there isn’t a mainstream media presence so a C+


New World Order Party: Doesn’t seem to have a website. Didn’t contest the 2008 General Election. Probably dead. F


New Zealand First: Their official party website links to two separate websites, neither of which has been updated since November. However, they have been on the news quite a lot this month, proving that they still do have some pull with the Mainstream Media, being on the news also keeps their party in the public eye. Their challenge is to be on the news at least once every month until 2011. B


New Zealand National Front: The last update on their website was early this month… which was to deny responsibility about the only thing they’d been on the media for which was the establishment of whites only homeland in New Zealand. Kyle Chapman’s blog hasn’t been updated since November last year after they didn’t even bother contesting the General Election. D-


Kiwi Party: Website hasn’t updated since October last year. Probably dead. D-


New Zealand Pacific Party: Website was up and running last week. But it 404’d on me when I tried to view it today. I would usually say they’re dead, except they probably sustain their base on a non-internet platform. D


Republic of New Zealand Party: Uh, oh. The website is ‘currently under review. Which means it’ll be taken down real soon. Got the lowest ever party vote in 2008. Effectively dead. F+


Residents Action Movement: The Party website hasn’t been updated recently, but Oliver Woods’ blog has. Rumour has it that the party is undergoing factional infighting at the moment. But at least it’s showing signs of life. C-


Workers Party: Based on the website, there seems to be a very vibrant and thriving party full of intellectual debates. 5 updates just for this week. Zero mainstream media coverage means, however, that they wont be able to move beyond C+


And that finishes this weeks edition of Wednesday Watch.


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