Weekly Watch #002

Welcome again to another Weekly Watch! Where I scour the internet for signs of life amidst the ruined splendour of has-beens, wanna-bees and never-will bes. This week sees the Alliance, Worker’s Party and RAM rising in rank due to their strong and vibrant response to the ‘Fire at Will’ Bill which was introduced this(or if you prefer last) Sunday.

HatTip to Anita and the Kiwipolitico

The Alliance: The Alliance Party is showing that they are an active organization with a strong response to the introduction of the ‘Fire at Will’ bill and John Key’s job summit. Generated quite a bit of buzz around the left-wing blogosphere too, sadly for them it failed to gain any traction in the mainstream media. B

Bill and Ben Party:  Same mark as last week. Nothing new. C-

 New Zealand Democratic Party: No Changes. D-

 Direct Democracy Party: Effectively dead. F-

 The Family Party: No Changes. D


Aotearoa Legalize Cannabis Party: No changes. C

 LibertiaNZ: No changes besides their blog. C+

New World Order Party: Dead. F-

New Zealand First: Disappeared from all mainstream media coverage. Negligable netroots presence, would declare itdead if not for the fact that their grassroots probably sustains themselves differently. C

 New Zealand National Front: Effectively defunct. D-

 Kiwi Party: Defunct. D-

 New Zealand Pacific Party: Website back, no updates since election. C-

 Republic of New Zealand Party: Effectively dead. F

 Residents Action Movement: Kudos to them for showing a physical presence and an active web presence with Oliver Woods’ blog being frequently updated. As per the Alliance I have given them a . B

 Workers Party: Showed  strong signs of life this/last weekend. Frequent updates on their official website. B


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